Monday, March 31, 2008

Celebrity "Designers"

A whole slew of celebrities are working with different designers and retail chains to create their own fashion lines. On the more affordable front, these include the likes of Ashlee Simpson creating a line for Wet Seal, Avril Lavigne doing a collection for Kohl’s, and Rachel Bilson working with DKNY Jeans to create her own line.

Avril's line is going to be called Abbey Dawn and will be a juniors' line featuring clothes both feminine and rock 'n' roll. The stock will switch over every 60 days and at least the first run will feature designs inspired by Avril's own wardrobe (kind of like Kate Moss's "desisns" for her Topshop collection). Prices for the different pieces will range from $24-$48 and will make their first appearance this July. Watch for Ashlee's line to come some time in April, in conjunction with the release of her new album, Bittersweet World, and Rachel's line, which is called Edie Rose (named after grandmother and a close family friend), will fall some time in September of this year.

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Shoe of the Day

Try not to imagine Paris Hilton saying this, but these Dream Patent Pumps from Forever21 are hot like a potato, like Kilauean lava, like a space shuttle reentry. Also, they are only $22.80. I love the pointy-toe, and most of all I love the raised vamp. It gives a basic black pump more of an oomph, but enough oomph without too much wackiness if that scares you off. Now if only they were actually leather and not synthetic, but

I was totally going to get them, and then I did my tax return. Yikes. So instead, I practice some restraint while possibly enabling others by presenting you this shiny bit of sassiness.

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

High-Waisted Skirts

I really liked the look of this high-waisted skirt I saw Sarah Chalke's character was wearing when she guested on How I Met Your Mother on last week's show, and thus went off hunting for affordable options of the same. I'd say that these choices are probably more work-appropriate than clubbing- or weekend-appropriate, but I guess it all depends on what you might pair with it.


Friday, March 21, 2008

Target Designer Update

Target is on a roll with lining up designers for its GO International and accessories collections. A quick round up:

Rogan Gregory will be doing a line for Target...but it will only be swimwear. Expect that this summer.

If you're looking for a more expansive GO collection, you'll have to wait for Richard Chai (who has designed for Marc Jacobs and is known for his minimalist style) whose Target line will premiere in August 2008.

And what ho? Looks Target, after working with Rafe, Devi Kroell, Loffler Randall, and (next up) Gryson, has now tapped Monica Botkier to design some handbags. (The bags pictured are Botkier, but NOT Botkier for Target.)

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

How to wear brights if you're like Donnie Osmond and feel a little bit rock 'n' roll...

I keep reading in different fashion magazines and blogs about how "brights" are really big this season. After a fall and winter of grays and blues and neutrals, spring seems the appropriate time to bust out some flash and color.

Brights can be kind of scary, though, especially if you don't like drawing attention to yourself, because when you show up in say, a bright orange sweater, someone might mistaken you for a Wisconsin hunter during deer season. Maybe not the look you're going for.

It's not all neon, though. We're not flashing back to the early 90s (yet) and unless you want to go there (I'd recommend you don't, and oh god, the memories of my mom dressing me up in neon pink bicycle shorts with my matching white, neon pink, neon green, and neon yellow top for the 1st day of first grade....) Brights don't have to be fluorescent, but they have to POP!

There are different ways to wear brights, and while a rule of thumb is not to wear brights with too much black lest you look cartoonish or like a bumblebee, it all depends on your style.

Case in point: If your style tends to be a little more rocker, you might want to do your brights like this.

Because brights are so bright you'll want to think of wearing them in terms of proportion, contrast, and effect. If you're style is more like this, you're probably not looking to blend in with the masses. You don't want to overdo it, though. Brights in shoes and accessories are a good way to incorporate the brights with subtlety, such as in the case of the blue boots. The brightish yellow t-shirt is toned down because it's worn under a leather jacket and scarf.

At least I think so, but your mileage may vary.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Look for Less

Bag #1

Bag #2

One of these is $284. The other is $45. Is it obvious which one is which?

The Truth Revealed!
I was browsing The Budget Fashionista when my eyes popped out at seeing bag #1. Why, it looked much like my dream bag, the Cole Haan Sabra (bag #2) that I've been openly lusting after since Christmas, but told myself, no, you shouldn't spend or ask anyone to spend $300 on a bag that is mostly WHITE CANVAS. But oh, it's so pretty! I want to pet its red patent leather trim!

Bag #1 hails from QVC land (it's item #F02183) but alas, while they have a red color available, it's a solid red so not quite a look for less twin with my dream bag. I'll have to pass on this one, but if you're looking for a stylish travel bag, it might not be a bad deal to go for bag #1. You'll have to brave the wilds of QVC, though. The only things I ever got from there were a crushed opal pendant and a Star Trek: Next Generation pin. And my mom bought them for me. And I was 10 years old. But I can't imagine it would be that hard! Just make sure you don't accidentally order a Star Trek Voyager pin, unless that's what you want.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008


BCBG Max Azria has a number or great collections, from its upscale line, The Max Azria Collection, to more mid-scale lines such as BCBG Girls and To the Max. Still, for me at least unless those items are on sale, scrounged up at a thrift or consignment shop, or gifted, it's a bit out of my budget range when at retail.

Now, though, Max Azria has come out with a new line of even more affordable line. From the preview pictures it seems as though this line is a bit more casual and young, too, but check out their website for some fresher, more tailored items (though they seem to be a bit more expensive, too). Hmm.

Anyway! Press release!

From Womens Wear Daily:
On Tuesday, February 12, BCBG Max Azria Group launched its young contemporary line, BCBGeneration, at WWDMAGIC in Las Vegas. "This is for the 20- to 30-year-old who is not yet ready for my contemporary or designer lines," Azria said of the line, which offers the same style as his two higher-end lines with more casual options and a gentler price point. Wholesale prices range from $18 to $39 for tops, $48 to $58 for pants, $58 to $148 for jackets, $48 to $78 for dresses and $17 to $103 for bags and small leather goods.

Click on the picture for a larger image

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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Street Style with the Sartorialist

The Sartorialist is one of my favorite websites out there right now. Not only are the photographs beautiful, the photographs are of people sporting some great style. Granted, a good deal of the subjects are those in the fashion business, but there are also just pictures of people on the street. It's a great place to find inspiration for your own style, going somewhere beyond fashion magazines and celebrities.

Image by Scott Schulman at The Sartorialist

[1] Black Sunglasses from Forever21 for $5.90
[2] Multicolor Bead Necklace from Target for $8.99
[3] Red Jersey Dress at for $36.00
[4] Loeffler Randall Brown Tote from Target for $39.99
[5] Blue Leather Belt at for $10.90
[6] Pauletta Colorblock Pumps from Bakers for $29.99

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