Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Denim That Fits

Do you have trouble finding a pair of jeans that actually fits and flatters your body type? Need some help? If you haven’t already heard of it www.zafu.com is a website where you can enter in information about your body type (petite, plus size, pear shape, tall), and about your “wants” (no muffin top, a curvier rear, etc.) and they’ll output a variety of jean brands and styles that fit your needs. It only takes a few minutes (it’s about 8 questions) and voila! The nice thing, too, is that they let you pick from a variety of brands you like to start, and the final results will have a range from designer denim to more of your affordable styles like Old Navy or Arizona Jeans.

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Free Pearls

Sign up for the Overstock.com newsletter and receive a free pearl necklace (you have to pay for the shipping, which is $2.95).

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Gray Ladies

Gray is the “in” neutral for the season. Because it’s a neutral too, it’s great for basic pieces that will likely last longer in your wardrobe rotation than say, that cantaloupe colored trapeze dress. The grays vary from the matte to the silver gray. Here are some great “gray” finds for reasonable prices:

Staring from the top left going clockwise:

Striped Woven Top from Vera Wang’s “Simply Vera” collection at Kohl’s for $58.00. Women’s Cable Knit Sweater Hoodie from Old Navy for $29.50. H&M Jumper dress for $16.99. Gray Ribbed Tights from GAP for $12.50 or two for $10.00/each. Pinstripe Boyfit Trouser Pants from TopShop for £35.00. Corduroy Tote from Forever21 for $16.80. Daryn Peep-Toe Pump by Mossimo from Target for $19.99 (on sale)

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Sweet Sweepstakes

What’s more affordable than free stuff? Go to Neiman Marcus’s new Style Magazine website and enter to win a $10,000 shopping spree when you sign up for Ken Downing’s Runway reports. Sure, you have to win it, but it won’t cost you anything to try, except for some email about fashion from Neiman Marcus.

Also, Hearst magazines are offering up 30 days of fashion, which includes sweepstakes where you can win things such as Valentino sunglasses or Bloom diamond rings. This is for the entire month of September 2007.

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Simply Vera and Temperley

Yo, what’s up, Kohl’s? Apparently a week after hitting stores, the Simply Vera, Vera Wang collection is on sale at Kohl’s, 30% off to be exact. This definitely makes things a lot more affordable!

Also, don’t forget that Temperley is coming to Target this Sunday, September 16th. You can preview some of the different “looks” HERE.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Simply Vera

The Simply Vera Wang Collection is now available at Kohl’s. Try the stores, or try online. The pieces are not exactly cheap (which I define as under $30 for a shirt, but your mileage may vary) but they’re inexpensive for Vera Wang designs.

Here are some of the pieces I like best from the collection:

Purple ruffled blouse for $58.00

Woven beaded shell for $54.00

Biscotti Mary Jane Heels for $69.99

Overall, I have to say I feel kind of “meh” about the collection, but I also haven’t seen it in person and maybe what it’s good for is to get some nice, but inexpensive sorta lux basics for your wardrobe.

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Friday, September 7, 2007

Cardigans for Fall

In the transition from summer to fall (which might take longer, as it did last year, on account of global warming), a good way to budget your clothes is to “update” summer clothing to make it fall appropriate, and I’m talking about layering here.

Cardigans are a good way to go. Wear one with a short sleeved blouse, with t-shirts, or with dresses, and voile, you’re ready for autumn (and for offices that continue to be too cold). Cardigans, if you use the term loosely, come in a variety of styles and shapes. There’s your traditional button-up cardigan, but you also have your swing cardigans, the sweater coat, and the bolero or crop-cut cardigan type sweaters.

Here are some affordable options:

From Top to Bottom (and Right to Left):
Banana Republic White Wool and Cashmere Sweater for $98.00; Gap V-neck Ribbed Cardigan ($29.99/$19.99); A.N.A. Swing Cardigan at Macy’s ($24.99/$29.99)

Nicole Miller Belted Cardigan at J. C. Penney ($27.99); Fever Cascade Cardigan ($44.88) at J.C. Penney; Kenzie Girl Sweater Coat at Macy’s ($78.00)

Forever21 Big Button Sweater ($27.80); Forever21 LS Sweater ($17.80); Mossimo Three Button Sweater Jacket at Target ($24.99)

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

C'est Target

Despite working there as a cashier and Food Avenue employee from the age of 16 to18, Target wasn’t able to beat the love out of me for their stores and their goods. In fact, it seems like they’re getting better with each passing year, and more fabulous as well.

Their GO+International line has been tapping many up-and-coming designers for fresh and fashionable. Right now the Libertine line is still in stores, and in fact, as I was just at one an hour ago, I noticed that Libertine is now on clearance, making ready for the new GO+International line by Alice Temperly (however, Libertine doesn’t seem to have been marked as clearance yet on the website).

They’ve now also tapped Jovovich-Hawk (a dress for their 2006 designer line pictured above) for a clothing line, Loeffler Randall for accessories, (which, while I like the design, I hope that they look better in person and that the weird shine that’s making it look cheap is just really horrible lighting), Hollywould is also tapped for accessories and shoes, and right now you can get designer jewelry by Dominique Cohen (necklace pictured).

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