Thursday, July 19, 2007

Illuminating Microderm Cleansing Pads

Okay, so I saw these at Nordstrom’s Rack a while back and was intrigued, but was all, wtf do I need with microdermabrasion? But it called to me, and it was only about $6.70 for a box, and so I trekked back to the store and bought a box. After a few uses over the last two weeks, I can say that I love these Neutrogena Illuminating Microderm Cleansing Pads! They’re double sided and full of soapy goodness. The microdermabrasion side has tiny beads that massage your face and help smooth out bumps and exfoliate dead skin, all the while not being too rough on your face. It’s soapy, too, and so you can get a good cleaning out of it at the same time.

You then rinse your face and flip the pad over to the “conditioning side” which helps moisturize and further smooth out your face. Obviously, this is nothing like the quality of a genuine microderm (or so I’ve heard since I’ve never had one) but it works well for me! My skin felt like pure awesomeness after usage, and even Jim marveled at the baby-softness that resulted.

These are great for travel because they come as dry pads which you wet when you use them, and so you can just throw them in a plastic baggy and go.

Available at some drug stores and some Nordstrom Racks from what I gather, or you can find them online at for $7.99 (24 pads per pack).

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Environmental Style

I'm totally stealing this from a post I saw on

Since I moved to the East Coast it seems like every store just trades in plastic bags. Right now I have a plastic bag of plastic bags in my bedroom waiting for recycling. Yes, you can reuse them for garbage bags and whatnot, but unless you're super dirty, you're not going to end up using as many as I currently have in my possession. Also, I've been trying to be better environmentally lately, and part of that is an attempt at not collecting a family of plastic bags. I have a $2 tote from Whole Foods that works nicely, but those bags are not nearly as cute (nor as compact I guess) as the envirosax or the the Japanese Baggu. The Baggu holds about 25lbs. of groceries in each bag, and though I'm not sure about the Envirosax offhand, it's probably about the same.

Also, cute! And for only $7.50 and $8 respectively. I don't have the yet, but I want them.

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We Love Not-So-Short Shorts

Thank goodness. The knee-length shorts are back in and they come with cuffs! I love them because they don't ride up and allow your thighs to rub together like a person trying to start a fire with chicken drumsticks. These shorts by Kenzie Girl are super cute. White is great for summer, and with long shorts you can wear them with say, a white blouse and a babydoll dress that will cover your ass if you're concerned about the see-through nature of said-white shorts. These shorts would also be cute with a long tunic, maybe paired with a skinny belt around the waist, and some wedge peep-toe shoes, like these at Target ($16.00 on clearance now).

Kenzie Girl Shorts: $29.99 at or $19.99 at Filene's Basement if you can find it (junior's section).

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In the beginning

I love pretty clothes. However, I can't afford all the high-end fashions or even one piece unless I can find it drastically reduced at a consignment shop. So I'm all good with imitations or brands with a similar look without the spirit-crushing pricetag. Yes, you can look cute while rocking those boots you bought on clearance at Target, and unless you hang out with douchedbags who will call you on your brand or about how this or that is "so last season," I think you can get away with it and live contented that your grandchildren won't be burying you in a cardboard box because they have to absorb your debt from too many splurges on Jimmy Choo or Prada.

Thus was born, Cute But Affordable.