Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Halloween Costumes

Halloween next week and do you have a costume yet?

Here is one idea for a costume you could use for October 31st, but that you could also continue to wear after the fact--making it oh, affordable and practical (and because I hail from Wisconsin and warmth was always an issue, they are also costumes that won't make you freeze like the ever popular sexy-somethings [angel, devil, nurse, nun, police officer, etc.].)

Faye Dunaway as Bonnie Parker

You as Bonnie Parker (click on image for details and prices)

Get yourself a fake pistol (maybe something fluorescent so you don't get arrested), fake bag o' money, and/or a fake Clyde Barrow and you're set!

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

the sweater dress

I love sweater dresses. I like having the option of wearing a dress in winter or fall without getting too cold. Throw on some opaque tights underneath and pair with your choice of footwear (pumps, booties, knee-high boots) and you got a full outfit. Sweater dresses are versatile, too. Many of the styles out these days are good for work AND for going out. You can snazzy it up or down in a variety of ways, too, which include pairing it with a belt, throwing on a cardigan or vest on top, layering a short-sleeved or sleeveless sweater dress with a button-down shirt or t-shirt, wearing it over pants and making it a glorified long tunic, pairing it with accessories such as a brooch or a scarf, and I could go on and on . . .

Be careful about the knit of the sweater dress before you purchase. If it’s too thin it might cling and reveal parts you aren’t keen on sharing, and if it’s too chunky of a knit, it might just overwhelm you.

Below I’ve looked up a variety of sweater dresses (looking all very “fall”) available for under $50:

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Clearance Alert

Ann Taylor is having a massive 70% off clearance sale. Final sale reduced items are low as $9.99. I hit up one of the stores yesterday and got three tops for under $40.00. You might have better luck finding real steals if you go into a store, but if you don’t have that option, the online prices aren’t bad either. If you need to build up your work wardrobe, this might be a good time to hit the sales. While some of these items might ring a little more summery than you’d like, there are definitely ways in which you can transform them into fall-appropriate.

For instance, this top could be worn just as easily by itself, especially in a hot office, or else, you could throw a cardigan over it, but it could also work by layering it over a colorful short-sleeved blouse or try it with a long-sleeved blouse or with a thin long-sleeve t-shirt, maybe one with balloon sleeves.

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Winter Coats

The seasons are changing, give or take the effects of global warming, but as the weather changes it’s time to look for a new winter coat. A winter coat is something I’m willing to splurge on since it’s something you’re likely to wear everyday during the winter months. Still, a splurge for me is a “big, all purpose” item under $200, especially since I have a penchant for winter coats and have at least 4 in rotation.

Here are some I found for under $200 US (and approximately, under £150):

While you can't beat a black trench coat, a coat is one place where you can really play with color and pattern and go wild--because once you get into work or school or where ever, you can take it off, but you can make a statement doing it. Also, a bright and colorful coat is a great way to get seen when dodging traffic!