Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are big this fall (so I hear and read all over the place). And why not? They're great for work or play, and if you want cute shoes but don't really love heels because of the angle and the squish and the wobblies or whatever, flats are a great option.

Two-toned shoes are also big, and while you're going to have to dish out a pretty penny if you want these Chanel two-toned flats, you can get pretty much the same design with the famous logo at GAP for $39.50. Like Tory Burch? There are a couple cheaper brands that are very similar and just as cute (if not cuter), such as these Steve Madden flats on sale at Macy's for $25.87 or these crest ballet flats at Payless for $19.99. Want cute for even cheaper? Old Navy has a mess of cute ballet flats for $19.50.

Another great website for deals on flats is at where I found the burgundy flats show to your left for $12.99 on sale.

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Online Deals

Ann Taylor is having special deal on Wednesday, August 22 through Sunday, September 30 where you can get 15% off your purchase of $100 or more or 20% off your purchase of $175 or more.

To receive your discount, you can use the promotion code 10801319 at ANNTAYLOR.COM where you will also receive FREE SHIPPING on orders of $100 or more.

Get a coupon for 20% off at Express HERE. Valid through August 26, 2007.

Jcrew is also having a “special” on free shipping right now.

Mango is still having their 70% off sale, and there's some awfully cute stuff there.

Not as affordable, but affordable in terms of designer, Shop Bop is still having 70% off some of their items, Neiman Marcus is having a 65% off "last call sale," and is having a 65% off sale.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Look for Less: Sheath Dress

An adorable minidress by Gianni Bini that is very similar to this gorgeous Michael Kors sheath dress, and about 93% more inexpensive at $138.00 versus $1,965. Only available in heather and made of flannel stretch fabric instead of lux wool and cashmere in a beautiful camel color, it's still captures the look of the original, and is in gray, which is very in this season. Wear it as it is or pair it with a turtleneck, some tights (or knee socks), and mary janes, you'll look awfully cute in this dress.

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pay less for ankle boots at Payless

When I got into work today I noticed that one of my coworkers had some adorable ankle boots on. I haven't been too keen on the whole ankle boot trend. In fact, I thought that a lot of what I saw looked pretty ridiculous by themselves or paired with any sort of outfit that are not pants that will cover up the fact that they are ankle boots. However, these ankle boots that my coworker was wearing? Totally cute. Also, totally inexpensive because these are from Payless and come in three colors (gray, black, and brown). The collar/lip make it a little dressier and less annoyingly trendy, and really, if the trend fades soon then you're out $30.00 and not $300.00. Cute with a shift dress and tights, or a blouse and skirt combo with some opaque tights.

In random online sales news, I did not know that Mango sold in the U.S., but they do, and they do online, and right now they're having a 70% off clearance sale on some of their items, not least of which this chic little white jacket marked down to $29.99 and this white pencil skirt with buttons that I might just buy because I can convince myself these are staples to my work wardrobe and that they're so lovely and discounted right now.

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