Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dress of the Day

Isaac Mizrahi for Target Silver and White "Bollywood" dress, $44.99 (only available online)

I've seen a version of this dress in pink and gold in the stores, but was really taken by the silver and white combo when I saw this online. You could say it goes along the lines of the "ethnic" prints that are in vogue right now without being too obvious and trendy in a this-dress-will-age-badly kind of way. (Also, can I just say, I hate how so much is lumped into the term "ethic" it's kind of gross to me in a sociological kind of way, but I digress. I mean, what is non-ethic?)

It's also available in black and gold, and while it looks as though the pink and gold one is no longer available online, I've seen it floating around various stores.

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