Monday, November 19, 2007

Erin Fetherston at Target

The Erin Fetherston Target GO International line hit Target yesterday. Did you go out and get anything?

I've looked at the pictures, but with budget shopping you often have to really check out the quality of the material and not rely on what you see online which hides flaws, fabric quality, and sizing. It seems the opinion on the Fetherston collection is split--you either love it, or hate it for its ubergirliness/dollhousey feel. For the most part, I love it, but moreso for the pieces that are not like this shiny red charmuse jumper that make you look like a shiny little girl.

If you haven't seen them yet, or didn't find them in your stores, here are some of your best bets, in my opinion:

This Jacquard Print Jacket for $44.99 is adorable and does not look like it only costs $44.99. The fabric of a lot of the outerwear in this collection is great for its price. The crop style is very fashion-forward right now, the bow is removable if it's too cutesy for you, and the black makes it pretty classic for wear well into the future.

This long white bubble coat has been getting a lot of attention, and in person it's definitely a good piece. I imagined the fabric differently in the picture--I thought it was going to be a very smooth plain creme--but the fabric is actually a bit textured. The collar is very cute, very unique, and if you manage to get yourself one of these it will be a great statement piece to wear throughout the winter. It's going for $88.99, which isn't too bad for a winter coat. If you like it though, you might want to get it soon because I think this is one piece that won't be lasting long on the shelves.

This piece, the Corduroy Red Jumper, is my favorite. For only $29.99 it's quite a steal. The fabric is a good quality and the red is a lovely color in person. It's comfortable to wear and fits pretty true to size, or is even a little roomy depending on how much wiggle space you need. There's a nice bib-detailing that gives it a little more oomph, while still being subtle because of the color. The buttons are covered in the same red corduroy material, and thus helps to avoid the cheap quality of the buttons that I've found on other items in the GO International lines.

Hit or Miss
Some of these pieces are hit-or-miss, depending on what you're looking for and what you look like:

This Peter Pan Collar White Blouse was one of my must-gets when I saw the preview for the collection. However, in person the fabric seemed kind of thin and threadbare. Definitely a see-through shirt if you're not careful. I went back and forth on it. I really liked the design with the ribbing and collar, and the buttons, covered in a little bit of black velvet were at least not ugly plastic nubbins. In the end I got it because I figured, if I wore it with the right bra that matched my skintone, I'd be fine, and that I'd probably wear this shirt under something else--like a jumper or vest--and so the sheerness would not be so apparent, and I'd still get the use of the detail that I liked. Hit or miss for $24.99.

I'll have to disagree with some of the reviews on the website on this Lilac Tiered Chiffon Dress, because I didn't think the fabric seemed to look or feel that cheap (I thought the gold dress was worse--it looked crunchy). But for that potential reason, and for the fact that a dress like that is going to be really hit-or-miss depending on your body type (I get a feeling this dress will only look good on you if you are tall and thin, as the tiers on someone who has curves is going to make it poof out everywhere). Buyer beware and all that for $44.99.

These pieces disappointed me for various reasons:

I thought this shirt looked really cute in the previews. I liked the velvet bow and figured it would be a good shirt to wear with jeans if you wanted to look a little more dressy than a plain t-shirt. However, I was surprised that in person the material of the shirt was very sweatshirt-like. Not at all what I expected. This, combined with what already is a cutesy design, really makes it look like it's a little girl's t-shirt, so no no no.

I thought this Gauze top with indigo bow look cute on the rack, albeit it little sheer. I thought I'd give it a try because I did like that it was kind of basic but had a different flair with the bow and the balloon sleeves. However on, it was way too sheer, and the cuteness of bow could not compensate for that. It also wore very sack-like. For $24.99, not recommended.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007 is an marketplace where you can buy and sell all things handmade (and vintage). This is a great place to find something truly unique. It's also a way, in a world full of questionable labor practices and continued corporatization of everything, to shop help support small or (in a way) "local" businesses that don't have unfair labor practices.

Here are some of my finds:

A Vintage Brass Umbrella and Lucite Black Heart Pendants on Fancy Gunmetal Chain Necklace for $8.00.

Then there are these Size 6 (U.S.) Black Suede Vintage Boots for $38.00. And then there's this 60s Mod Colorblock Minidress in Medium for $24.00.

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